3. Choosing a Teacher

Please Choose your teacher carefully.

I am not going to say I am a good music teacher, but I have students who come to me and I cringe. I cringe because I have to tell the parent that that music teacher does not know what he/she is doing.

A piano student came to me after completing 2 books. I asked her to play middle C – she didnt know what that was. I asked her to point out a crotchet (quarter note) in the music – she didnt know what it was. The teacher had also written the names of the notes under each note.

A violin student came to me after a year with a teacher. The student didnt know the names of the strings and couldn’t hold the bow properly.

A voice student wanted coaching at grade 8 level – she couldn’t read music!!!!!

A classical guitar student was brought to me by his mother 2 months before an exam. The student played all the pieces with one finger, had no concept of a 4-beat bar and couldn’t play the apoyando/tirando picking styles needed for the scales.

I place a lot of emphasis on the correct learning of the instrument and a thorough understanding of the notes on the page. I teach students the skill of reading and playing music. I will not give them crutches and I will not train them as parrots. I do expect students to practice and parents to oversee this.  I facilitate the learning and satisfaction that comes with diligence. THEN… my students have fun and I will bend over backwards for them.

Find a teacher that teaches:

what the notes mean and how they relate.

students how to read and does not tell them all the answers or play it for them (so that they memorise).

by not writing the answers in the book.

where to correctly find the notes on the piano.

how to apply the notes to the instrument.

Find a teacher that:

Is qualified and has some experience.

has students who achieve well in eistedfodds/exams/concerts

is recommended by another teacher/parent

 In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King. There are far too many one-eyed kings teaching music.

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