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Private lessons

Private lessons

Private music lessons provide one-on-one attention, so teachers can focus on an individual student’s needs.

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We have programs for everyone.
In addition to teaching music to children, we instruct adults and seniors.

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Our classes help to develop the skills necessary for music learning and a lifelong enjoyment of music.

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Our school is a solution for families who would like to expose their children to the world of music.

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Do allow me to commend you for starting the Zululand School of Music in Richards Bay. I have been looking to take music lessons for months now and just couldn't find the right school or the school would be too far away. So I was delighted to hear that there was such here in my hometown, Richards Bay. Trust you me, I will be spreading the word of mouth about the school, as I have high hopes for your success as a school. A. Potgieter

Louise Flores

My son has been taking piano and guitar lessons for more than a year. He loves his teacher and I can tell that he cares about my kid too. Your music school is wonderful and I highly recommend.

Louise Flores / Parent
Paul Pereira

Thank you. We Appreciate your teaching methods, your discipline code and your patience is relentless....shes not the easiest kid to raise but every now and then she surprises us

Paul Pereira / Parent

Musical Instruments


Brass Instruments

Brass Instruments include Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn and Tuba. The Euphonium is a smaller version of the Tuba.

Rock and Pop

This syllabus offers the student training in reading music notation, TAB and chords, picking, plucking and strumming, while working with backing...


It is a musical instrument played using a keyboard.


The guitar is classified as a string instrument.


It is a type of music performed by one or more singers. I have a teacher available if requests are received.


The violin has four strings tuned in perfect fifths.


The cello is used as a solo musical instrument.


The saxophone is a woodwind instrument.