I have been teaching music in a private capacity since 1998. I cannot claim to have all the answers or have all the knowledge. But I have some insight into situations regarding Lessons for Children.

Some Statements (from parents):

1. I want to see my child commit to learning music before I buy an instrument.

2. I am not sure if my child is serious about music, so until she has had some lessons we will not buy an instrument.

3. We let our (6yr old) daughter decide when she wants to stop/start a new interest.

4. My 7yr old has decided to stop music.

Let me make some statements.

A child does not decide that he/she is going to attend school. A child does not tell parents that they are quitting school at the end of Grade3.

I am totally convinced of the benefits of learning music – concentration, improved control, better feelings of self-worth, better small and fine co-ordination, better left/right brain crossover, improved IQ levels, Higher test results, less likelihood of being involved in sex/smoking/drinking activities, a more disciplined mind, and the list goes on.

Music lessons are like school and learning a new language – You send your child, and you(together with them), commit to it.

I believe that parents need to be convinced that music is an essential skill and is a non-negotiable. The joy and pleasure will only come after there has been commitment, perseverance, tears (all of which produce character).

If you as a parent are looking at music lessons for your child, I believe that it is your decision – not the child’s. It is an investment that takes years. The child needs you to show what discipline means. The child needs you to teach commitment, perseverance, dedication.

When these are practised in the long term, to even play one note properly becomes a pleasure.

I need parents to partner with me for the training of the young student. I need you to commit and to invest in the life of your child through fees, instrument, transport, commitment, encouragement and dedication.

This is a Life skill – not a new toy.

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